with over 300,000 total followers base in total on social media, some might call me an influencer so yes you can promote your product/service through me but ( oh yes there is a butttt ) I do not accept ‘any product’ or ‘any service’.
My viewers ( fans ) know this and they trust that I will not miss guide them for money.

Here are some of the foreign companies which have worked with me
They vary from multi-billion dollar companies like Huobi , Redbull to companies likes Tokyo Treat JapanGearBestTomTopWondershareBOKKSU JapanBanggood,  FunyRootdresslilyFamiSafeCodaShop
there are many more and you can find them on youtube.com/myHubLK
and yes I work with local companies like Sera Kottu, Takas, CeylonChocolate too, you can find them and other foreign companies on my social media accounts.

also, there is a 50% discount for locals ( Sri Lankans ) and its 200% the price mentioned if I am doing any financial-related ( ex : crypto, dropshipping ) commericals.

I do not do that ‘inbox enna’ stuff so here is my price list.


3-15 minutes Dedicated video on myHubLK            USD 500
5-10 seconds mention on a myHubLK video            USD 250
30 seconds mention on a Days of Dilshan video            USD 500
Dedicated video on a Days of Dilshan video            USD 2000
Story + Community post on myHubLK            USD 200
Post on Instagram            USD 200
Mention on Dilshan’s Thoughts            USD 1000
Post on my personal Facebook profile ( 30 days )            USD 500
Post on my tiktok            USD 150
Post on myHub Gamers Facebook group            USD 150


if you are interested, drop me an email.
If I am interested, I will reply you within a day or two.
Sponsored or not, I wish you all the success in the world.

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