with over 235,000 follower base in total on social media, some might call me an influencer so yes you can promote your product, service through me but ( oh yes there is a butttt ) I do not accept ‘any product’ or ‘any service’ and my viewers know that and they trust that i will not missguided them for money.

Here are some of foreign companies which have worked with me
Tokyo Treat JapanGearBestTomTopWondershareBOKKSU JapanBanggoodFunyRootdresslilyFamiSafeCodaShop
and yes i work with local companies too, you can find them and other foreign companies on my social media accounts.

I do not do that ‘inbox enna’ stuff so here is my price list.


3-15 minutes Dedicated video on myHubLK            USD 850
5-10 seconds mention on a myHubLK video            USD 550
30 seconds mention on a Days of Dilshan video            USD 300
Story + Community post on myHubLK            USD 150
Post on Instagram            USD 150
Mention on Dilshan’s Thoughts            USD 500
Post on my personal Facebook profile            USD 100
Post on myHub Gamers Facebook group            USD 100


if you are interested, drop me an email.
If I am interested, I will reply you within a day or two.
Sponsored or not, I wish you all the success in the world.

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